Cascade Israel Trip-March 2018

Only 5 weeks after our mammoth selecting trip to the Koi farms in Israel we are returning to select even more stunning Koi and also selecting small koi from Madan Koi Farm. We will be visiting our Longfin Koi and Ghost Koi breeder at KoiKin Fish Farm.

Also visits to Hazorea and Dag Noy Kfar Ruppin with a quick stop at our Oranda and Fantail Farm at ColourFish to select some stunning Oranda Goldfish. Check out any new larger koi at Koi For Sale

The story continues…..

So we rose early and set off on a marathon trip down Israel and past the Dead Sea to visit Tropical Fish and Marine Fish.

First visit was Trofish looking at guppies mollies and barbs then on to Sea-Gal to see some stunning molly and balloon mollies….watch this space

Some great tropicals and marines

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