Aqua Drum 35 Koi Pond Filter
Aqua Drum 35 Koi Pond Filter
Aqua Drum 35 Koi Pond Filter
Aqua Drum 35 Koi Pond Filter
Aqua Drum 35 Koi Pond Filter

Aqua Drum 35 Koi Pond Filter

  • The spray heads are equipped with a quick-change system so that they are easy to clean
  • The smallest complete model, all plumbing is fitted internally
  • Aqua Drum 35 as seen at Cascade Koi & Aquatics
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Cascade Koi and Aquatics developed a close relationship with the manufacturers of the Aqua Drum range of koi pond filters.We can supply the full range of Aqua Drum filtration products at the best prices, we can also offer 0% finance packages to suit every pocket. If you live around Manchester then call into our store to view working examples of the Aquadrum on our display ponds.
The AquaDrum 35 is the most effective way of removing the dirt particles out of your pond water whether it be supplied to the filter by a bottom drain or a skimmers line. On the outgoing side, the water is sucked out of the drum. Because the waste water part is in front of and in the drum, the dirt will adhere to the inner side of the drum. As a result, less water can flow through the mesh, and the drops of the water level on the outside of the drum. The height measurement detects this and put a rinse cycle in motion. This cycle consists of activation of the drum motor and the spray pump. This rotates the drum a little more than one full turn and spray nozzles clean the mesh. The dirt is washed into the sewer through the discharge chute. This cycle is repeated as often as necessary.

The AquaDrum filter is fed through 3 times Ø 110 and consists of two compartments which are carefully separated by a high quality silicone outer band and the drum mesh, this results in both a waste water and clean water compartment. The stainless steel components provide a high quality finish and aid longevity of the drum filter. The drum is equipped with three unique, internal, brushes that aid the removal of blanket weed and larger objects that may get inside the drum and aid their removal to the waste gutter. The spray heads are equipped with a quick-change system so that they are easy to clean and adjust when required, furthermore, the entire spray line can be easily disassembled. The spray pipe is fed by a high pressure screw pump which is mounted inside the filter meaning no more external pumps to worry about. The filter comes with a security lid as standard that makes use of a safety switch to turn the filter off in the event of the lid being lifted, this ensures a safe working environment and stops eye damage from internal UV's.


  • Base Size: Width 71cm/710mm x Depth 64cm/640mm
  • Overall Size at the top: Width 79cm / 790mm X depth:72cm/720mm
  • Height: 78cm/780mm
  • Inlets: 3 x 11cm/110mm
  • Outlets: 3 x 11cm/110mm
  • Waste Outlet: 1 x 11cm 110mm
  • Drum Screen Size: 50cm/500mm Dia x 40cm/400mm 70 Micron
  • Drain: 1.5 inch
  • Max Flow Rate: 35m3 or 7700 gallons or 35000ltrs


Your Drum Filter will keep your pond clean, but how does the drum stay clean? Well, as the water flows into the middle of the drum it brings with it all the detritus its collected along the way, this gets held back from the water return by the drum itself until the water flow is restricted enough to drop the level in the drum and start the cleaning cycle.When the cleaning cycle starts a number of things happen, the first is that the drum starts to rotate, the second is that the spray pump is activated.

The AquaDrum 35 and 55 models use a 9bar spray pump that is housed inside the drum (the 25 model comes with an external pump), this pump when running deliveres over 5bar of cleaning pressure at the nozzels (most other drums offer just 2), but it's not just the high pressure that ensures the drum screen is cleaned throughly, the spray pattern of the nozzels plays a big part and on all AquaDrum models there is an additional nozzel at the end of the spray bar angled as such to ensure that all waste is pushed down the waste chute.

The waste chute itself plays an important part of the cleaning process and on all AquaDrum models it's angled towards the exit to ensure everything collected is sent to waste, further more, we've designed out the lip found on many other models that traps waste.

But it doesn't stop there, as you'll understand, waste carries weight and as such a large majority of the waste collected inside the drum sinks to the bottom of the rotating drum, to ensure that all of this is collected and rotated to the top of the drum for disposal into the chute the AquaDrum range features 2 rows of brushes inside the drum that make sure nothing escapes.

Another thing to consider is the rotation speed of the drum, whilst some on the market seem to wizz round like washing machines, the AquaDrum range has been calibrated to rotate a speed that ensures every area of the drum that requires cleaning is cleaned throughly, first time, every time.

There are many ways to save money on the construction of a Drum Filter and, whilst we're always looking to ensure the AquaDrum range is as cost effective as possible, there are simply some things we're not prepared to sacrifice. The primary places to cut costs are in the material used to make the core chasis of the filter and the motor that drives the drum.

Concentrating on the motor, there are 2 ways to manage the rotation of the drum during cleaning, the first is direct drive, the second is non direct drive, the entire AquaDrum range uses a direct drive system and the reasons for this are simple, non direct drive is simply too risky!

Using a high quality, heavy duty, motor and gearbox (pictured) that is directly connected to the drum itself means there is little to go wrong, further more, if it does go wrong, changing the motor is a simple and quick procedure as there is only one component to consider. Compare that to a non direct drive solution that uses a small motor with less torque that is driving the drum via either a cog system, gear wheel or belt and it's easy to see how this could cause problems as time moves on and wear occurs.

Remember, your drum will be cleaning on average once an hour during heavy feeding, that adds up to over 8,700 start ups from still during a single year and over 40,000 times over a 5 year period, this is one area that is simply not worth scripming on!

Ease of control and safety are paramount considerations for anyone considering making a drum filter purchase and whilst this is considered an after thought for some manufacturers, at AquaDrum it's a primary concern! The ability to restrict the electrical connection when the drum lid is lifted may not seem important, it is!

Safety: With the 35 and 55 models not having a mechanical locking system as the 25 does, and whilst it may not be the first thing considered when looking at a drum, the facility to have the electrical supply to the motor, spray pump and any connected UV equipment restricted is something we consider to be essential, not an after thought or an optional extra!

As such, all 35 and 55 drum models have a micro switch built into the lid that is connected to the control panel, when the lid is lifted the connection breaks and this stops the motor from engaging, the water pump from spraying and if you have a UV installed it turns this off. This takes away the risk of eye damage due to UV exposure and removes the risk of small enquisitive hands getting caught in the drum or fingers and hands getting damaged due to high water pressure and close contact. On the 25 model we rely on the mechanical lock to ensure only those that should be opening the lid actually do!

It is these small, yet essential features, that means the AquaDrum range are fully compliant with current EU regulations.

Control: The AquaDrum 35 and 55 models come with an advanced control panelt hat controls all the electical items plugged into it, this means that if the lid is lifted on the drum all items are turned off, further, if a sensor notices that the filter is is running low and is in danager of compromising the return pump it can can switch this off as well to save damage.

The control panel allows 5 different cleaning programmes to be chosen, each offering a different length of rinse cycle, this means that in the winter when the drum isn't required to clean as often you can switch to an eco mode and save both energy and water whilst in the summer when feeding more heavily you can turn it up and clean for longer.

The control panel on the 25 controls the wash pump and motor with the rinse cycle controlled by the probes in the drum, there is also a facility for a manual clean should you ever wish to run one.


Brand AquaDrum
Code Aqua Drum 35
Weight 5kg


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