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Welcome to our FAQ's Category where you can find most question that are frequently asked regarding Biorb Aquariums, Filtration, Which fish to stock, which BiOrb ornaments and Biorb plants to use.

Why is my BiOrb pump noisy?

Sound from the pump is normally brought on by vibration against the surface it is on. Place the pump on a softer surface area like a mouse mat or hang the inflate. See to it the airline company is pressed into the air pump regarding it will go. If the pump is still noisy as well as is within the warranty duration you can go back to your retailer for a service warranty exchange. The addition of a tiny air line clamp to the air line will help. Air line clamps can be attached to the air line to give control of air flow. You could tighten the clamp to reduce circulation and reverse to boost circulation. Treatment needs to be required to ensure the fish tank still has an excellent circulation of air.
Just how do I transform the filter?
Transforming the filter is extremely easy and you do not have to eliminate the fish to execute the filter modification. All you require is a solution package for your biorb and also it comes supplied with a brand-new filter, water therapies for the partial water modification and a cleaning pad to ensure that you could clean around the within the fish tank.

The solution kit is additionally supplied with instructions on the best ways to change the filter if you are unclear.
Why has the water turned green?

Algae requires sunlight and nutrients in order to expand. Way too much daylight, specifically throughout the summer months when the days are much longer as well as warmer, will certainly create algae to flourish. Excess nutrients in the water, from over feeding for instance, will likewise create algae troubles. It is easier to avoid algae than to remove it once it has become a problem.
Exactly what should I do if a fish dies?

If a fish dies you ought to remove it from the aquarium promptly, if left in the fish tank it will pollute the water. You should try to develop why the fish died. Take down anything that is irregular. Take an example of your fish tank water to a good aquatics store for screening and guidance.
Why do I need to add fish slowly?

When the fish mosts likely to the toilet ammonia is developed, this can be lethal to fish. The bacteria transform the hazardous ammonia right into nitrite and afterwards a safer substance called nitrate. When a fish is included the degree of ammonia as well as nitrite will certainly climb dramatically. As the filter germs catch up they will certainly keep the ammonia and nitrite to a risk-free level as well as the much safer nitrate will steadily climb. This procedure is called the 'cycle' and will take about 28 days for one small goldfish. This is potentially a high-risk time for the fish and the level of ammonia should be reduced by presenting a small fish and not feeding excessive. Nevertheless, some fish might not deal with life in brand-new aquariums. It is crucial that fish are presented slowly at a rate of one tiny fish every 28 days.
Just how do I establish my biOrb?
With all biOrbs whatever you should start is included in one box. Simply comply with the simple instructions. You'll have whatever you need to obtain your biOrb operating quickly.
How does a biOrb filter work?
Biological, Mechanical as well as Chemical.

Tidy water moves intensely up the bubble tube in the centre of your biOrb. As it breaks the waters surface it keeps the gases in balance with the air over the water surface area.
The round flow of water after that gathers any kind of fish waste on its way down.
It draws the waste through the ceramic media where the natural biological filtration soaks up some toxins. The newly oxygenated water also feeds the germs.
Any type of continuing to be waste is entraped in the sponge cartridge. The water after that travels through resin particles as well as natural stabilisers to eliminate poisonous substances as well as keep the pH levels constant.
The clean water is then oxygenated as it recedes up the bubble tube to duplicate the cycle.
Just how do I transform my biOrb filter?
Changing the filter is easy.
Turn off the pump. Reach into your biOrb and transform the bubble tube a quarter turn to launch it. Merely raise out the whole filter cartridge. An additional quarter transform gets rid of the filter which contains all the waste. Twist on a brand-new filter. Area back right into your biOrb, switch over the pump on and also you're done.
Just how do I recycle the electric parts from my biOrb?
Just what is WEEE?
The Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive calls for nations to maximise different collection and environmentally friendly handling of these things. In the UK, distributors (consisting of retailers) should provide a system which permits all clients buying brand-new electric tools the possibility to recycle their old things absolutely free. Those establishing their very own take-back plan must as a minimal offer all consumers acquiring new electric tools complimentary repossess of their old electricals on a like-for-like basis.
Where is your local recycling centre?
Discover extra info on WEEE reusing and also situate your local recycling centre at
You could recycle your old biOrb electricals at your local merchant.
When our products reach the end of their helpful life, you could return it to the retailer where you bought it from for reusing in eco liable methods.
You can reuse your old biOrb electricals with us.
When our products reach the end of their helpful life, we make it very easy for you to send them to us for recycling in ecologically responsible means. At no charge to you (except shipping), send us your biOrb electric element by mail as well as we'll recycle it for you.

Just post your biOrb electrical element to:

biOrb recycling
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