How to remove chlorine from your pond

De-chlorination should be a leading concern for any type of pond keeper


Chlorine, and its sister chemical chloramine, are typically made use of in variable quantities in mains supply tap water, thereby making it safe for humans to consume. The level of chlorine used is safe for humans but causes harm to the majority of aquatic life. As the majority of individuals will certainly fill their new fish ponds straight from the garden hose, de-chlorination is an important action in the fish pond building procedure and the chlorine levels most absolutely need to be resolved before any type of fish are introduced.

The need to remove chlorine from the water doesn’t stop as soon as the pond is finished, de-chlorination must also be used whenever the fish pond water is topped up from the mains.

There are 3 primary approaches for getting rid of the chlorine/ chloramine from the water:

  • Natural
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical



The chlorine will normally leave the water as it is revealed to the environment as well as it dissipates right into the air. This will just occur where the water comes into contact with the environment. Although the process will occur completely over time, lots of people could not wait that long. This is as a result the significant downside for this approach.

The process of allowing the chlorine to leave the water can be accelerated by enhancing amount of water which has contact with the air. This can be achieved by utilizing a water fountain pump which will boost the flow of the water and ensure that water from all-time low of the fish pond pertains to the surface area. On the other side if you don’t want to bring the water to the surface you could always take the air to the bottom by utilizing an air pump.

Pros: This treatment is totally free!

Disadvantages: It takes a long period of time approx 6-8 weeks. It does not remove chloramines (which is a typically made use of as a substitute for chlorine).

NB: To discover if your water consists of chloramines you can ask for the info from your water vendor.



Chlorine and chloramines will be removed from the water if it is travelled through high quality carbon. This could usually be gotten as a done in one carbon filter system which is connected to your tube pipeline.

Pros: This stays clear of including any type of chemicals and is much quicker compared to permitting it to be eliminated naturally.

Disadvantages: It could take a long time to fill up the pond as it causes the price of water through the hopes pipeline to decrease. They can also be quite expensive to purchase especially for very periodic usage.



There are great deals of chemical treatments, such as our PondXpert Tap Restorative, which target the chlorine and also chloramines as well as either remove them from the water or bind them up right into safe particles. UV treatment will likewise help to speed up the procedure up.

Pros: Treats both chlorine and also chloramines, and also works rapidly in around 24 – 48hrs.

Cons: It can be pricey for a big quantity.


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