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Hand Picked Koi 2024
Check out these stunning Koi from Kfar Ruppin Aquamade that I personally handpicked this week, Incredible Doitsu Sanke and Kohaku and many more varieties. All new arrivals will be posted on our site asap
Day 2 Handpick Koi
Another early start this morning and 10mins drive to Hazorea Bio Secure facility to select small sizes from 4" to 12" The team have been working really hard to prepare for my trip and the quality of the koi is getting better every year, so i spent a...
Aquamade Trip 2024
So arrived after a long flight and an early start selecting koi with Aquamade and my friends. A quick viewing at Hazorea to check out the koi they have been selecting for me and to arrange hand pick for tomorrow.... so many quality koi here now. Then...
Exclusive Hand Pick Koi 2024
Well its that time of year again....A very early flight in the morning to Exclusively Hand Pick all the very best excited.
Koi Varieties
Asagi are believed to have been around since the 1700s, however breeding them to improve the Asagi ornamental line did not occur until 1868, making them one of the oldest and most common varieties of Koi available on the market.  Asagi are recognised...