Delivering Your Koi Safe To Your Door

Your order will be processed shortly before our courier arrives late in the afternoon, this ensures your koi are spending the minimum amount of time in the box. Your Koi will be delivered before 10am the following day and must be signed for on arrival. Koi4Sale only use special fish transport containers designed specifically for this purpose.

Handling Your New Koi Purchases

On arrival you should put the box carefully by the pond and cut the tape carefully, open the box lid slowly so as not to frighten the koi with the bright light. In the box you will find an information sheet which will guide you through the correct way of introducing new fish to your pond and also make some suggestions regarding water quality and maintaining your ponds correct levels within recommended parameters.

Please remember we care about your new purchases health and wellbeing so we are always available with help and advice, so don't hesitate to call us.

Home For Your Koi - Pre-Purchase

Your new koi was selected on one of our trips to Israel, We also state which Breeder or Koi Farm your koi has come from.

All our koi are put through a strict quarantine procedure and tested for parasites and general health during this process. The koi are then graded by size and quality and into separate holding ponds with fully mature filtration systems. The Koi in these systems are monitored constantly for health, damage, blemishes etc.

The water in these systems is kept at the highest possible quality for the health of our koi. Please understand that we have been and still are at the forefront of the koi keeping hobby for over 30 years.

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