eaReefPro Marine Aquariums

evolution aqua marine reef tankThis stunning new range of Marine Aquariums are available now from Cascade Koi & Aquatics.
eaReefPro aquariums from Evolution Aqua combine style and quality, luxury with practicality. Choose one of five models, any one of the 16 premium cabinet colours and finishes, then add your choice of equipment for the ultimate in flexibility.

Every eaReefPro aquarium uses the finest quality, thickest low-iron glass for enhanced safety and viewing, as well having black background, black central weir, removable weir comb and rigid pipework as standard.

The eaProSump sets the standard for design and flexibility, including market-leading top-up reservoir volumes, multiple chambers to accommodate skimmers, reactors and algae refugiums and height adjustable sump baffles.

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