Cascade Koi & Aquatics endeavour to select quality Israeli Koi in the Kohaku variety and have some quality Kohaku for sale. Kohaku are still the most popular koi variety in Japan and potentially the most valuable. The beautiful Kohaku has a white base and red pattern overlay, and can come in gin-rin, doitsu, or scaled versions. Kohaku koi can come with a number of variations; including Nidan (2 step), Sandan (3 step), Yondan (4 step), and Inazuma, where a striking zig-zag pattern occurs down the back of the koi fish. Kohaku are white Koi with red markings. Ideally the red markings should have a good depth of colour with a uniform shade, the edges of the red should be well defined. The white should be pure white and free from blemishes.

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