Koi Colour Koi Fish Food
Koi Colour Koi Fish Food
Koi Colour Koi Fish Food
Koi Colour Koi Fish Food
Koi Colour Koi Fish Food

Koi Colour Koi Fish Food

  • Health and Growth Koi Food
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Krill and Spirulina
  • Contains high in astaxanthin
  • Higher quality koi food reduces waste
Product code: KC0600 .
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Koi Colour Koi Food Mix is a luxurious mix of our top grade koi foods and this combination gives the following reasons to feed your koi.
  • High protein level
  • Low pollution
  • Contains paprika and astaxanthinen
  • With BIO-MOS® (mannan-oligosaccharid)
  • Includes a prebiotic fibre, inuline
  • Krill added
  • Contains spirulina and is high in astaxanthn
  • With organic acids
  • With FORPLUS™ (omega-3 rich algae)
Best quality fish meals and fish oils rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids Koi Colour Koi Food Mix contains Astaxanthin, and spirulina rich in carotenoids for good quality colour retention Prebiotic inulin as a food source for positive gut bacteria Rich in essential fatty acids and minerals Organic acids Spirulina enhances red colouration in koi
A Top Grade Koi Food for your High Class Koi, Koi Colour Koi Food Mix meets these requirements with its extensively researched and proven formulation. Koi Colour Koi Food Mix will provide koi with a complete, highly digestible diet, leading to maximum health and condition with very little waste.
Protein...37% Ash.......10.1% Fibre.....1.8% Contains..Fish and fish derivatives,cereals,vegetable protein extracts,derivatives of vegetable origin, Mollusc's and Crustaceans, Algae, yeasts, milk and milk derivatives, minerals, vitamins, High Grade Spirulina.

Brand Cascade Koi & Aquatics
Code KC0600
Condition New
Weight 0.65kg
Type Pellets
GTIN 0710552033349


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