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koi for sale
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Cascade Koi and Aquatics Welcomes you to the UK's finest Online Koi Sales facility. We are proud to select premier Koi from Israel. Please check out the Koi Varieties or search for your favourite Koi.
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Koi for Sale has been created from the overwhelming demands of all our Koi Keeping pals and customers throughout the UK to create a simple to use Online Koi facility where you the consumer can browse our new selections and join us on our trips choosing Israeli Koi from the convenience of your home.
We select our Israeli Koi from Madan Koi Farm on the Maagan Michael Kibbutz and DagNoy Koi Farm at Kfar Ruppin both these farms were originally members of MagNoy. These Koi Farms are currently independent but now producing the best Koi Carp in Israel. Every year great steps are taken in producing more varieties by regularly selecting new Japanese brood stock and perfecting the selection process to produce higher quality Koi. Our Small Mix are hand selected by us at the Madan Bio Secure Facility and from Hazorea Bio Secure Farm where we have "Exclusive Selection" on these three sizes which produces a stunning selection of small koi. Our Israeli 7"-8" Mix are hand selected from MadanKoi, this produces an incredible selection of Koi in many varieties.

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All Koi on this site are on our premises in the UK and have been fully quarantined and are continuously monitored for parasites and other problems related to koi health. We maintain all our systems to the highest of standards regarding water quality and will always strive to sell only strong healthy Koi.

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