NT Labs Filter Bugs
NT Labs Filter Bugs
NT Labs Filter Bugs
NT Labs Filter Bugs
NT Labs Filter Bugs

NT Labs Filter Bugs

  • Liquid Formulation
  • Concentrated essential filter bacteria
  • Essential nitrifying bacteria for all types of filtration
  • Treats new pond syndrome and reduces concentrations of harmful ammonia & nitrite
Product code: 264 .
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Cascade use NT Labs Filter Bugs, for all types of filtration. Use when establishing a new filter, at the beginning of the pond season in spring, or when ammonia or nitrite are elevated. Filter Bugs is an easy to use liquid formulation, containing a blend of Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Nitrospira and supporting bacterial cultures. These bacteria will repopulate your filter with nitrifying organisms to ensure efficient biological filtration and perfect, stable water quality.

Measure out the required amount of Filter Bugs and add directly to the biological media within the filter. Switch off UV filtration for at least 24 hours after adding Filter Bugs to allow the nitrifying bacteria to colonise the filter and the pond.
Filter Bugs should be added immediately after a substantial water change or pond clean, at the beginning of the pond season, after using a medicinal treatment or adding new fish, and whenever there is a detectable concentration of ammonia or nitrite in the water. Filter Bugs can be added once per week, or more often if desired.
Filter Bugs can be used when Pond Salt Plus is present in the water at ‘General Tonic’ and ‘Anti-stress’ levels.


Ammonia and nitrite are toxic to fish. Their concentrations should be
0 ppm at all times and can be tested accurately using Pondlab Test Kits. If ammonia and nitrite are present at dangerous concentrations, carry out a partial water change before using Filter Bugs. Ensure the cause of poor water quality is identified (e.g. over-feeding, insufficient aeration, etc) and resolved to avoid causing stress to your fish.


10 ml → 80 gallons (364 litres)

Brand NT Labs
Code 264
Weight 0.25kg
GTIN 733809002646


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