Tropical Colour Crumb
Tropical Colour Crumb
Tropical Colour Crumb
Tropical Colour Crumb
Tropical Colour Crumb

Tropical Colour Crumb

  • Quality aquarium food
  • Suitable for tropical fish
  • Colour enhancer
  • Three jar sizes
Product code: TCC0100 .
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Tropical Colour Crumb Aquarium Fish Food from the Cascade Koi & Aquatics Aquarium Fish Food range is a high quality aquarium fish food for your tropical aquarium fish and community tank.
Tropical Colour Crumb tropical fish food from Cascade Koi & Aquatics has a high amount of essential components like proteins, oil, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals to keep tropical fishes in excellent condition. Tropical Colour Crumb is enriched with astaxanthin. This pigment is believed to enhance the natural
colours of ornamental fishes. Part of the granules will sink, with different velocities, while the other part floats on the surface for a while. In this way fish in all water layers can easily take up their food.
Tropical Colour Crumb is enriched with a multivitamin mix with a high level of stable vitamin C. This will help to keep the fish in perfect health with a good disease resistance. This tasty diet is developed for species like guppy's, cardinal tetra's, zebra danio's, betta's and other popular tropical ornamental fish species.

Brand Cascade Koi & Aquatics Aquarium Food
Code TCC0100
Condition New
Weight 0.139kg
Type Granules
EAN 0710552033714


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