Yamabuki (Ogon)

Cascade Koi & Aquatics always select the best value for money Yamabuki Ogon. Once you see a truly high quality Jumbo Yamabuki Ogon there is no going back but some great quality and value for money koi are now coming from Israel and if you can afford them Ogata still grows on for The King of Yamabuki at the Izumiya Koi Farm Japan

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'Hikari Mujimono', or simply 'Hikarimuji', is the term applied to a metallic koi of single color. The term 'hikari' translates to 'metallic.' Examples of hikarimuji koi are the platinum ogon or purachina, the yamabuki ogon (light yellow), and the orenji ogon (orange). The color of a hikarimuji must be unblemished, uniform, dense, and shiny. Luster of the skin is an important consideration for this koi type. In the absence of patterns on a hikarimuji koi, one simply has to ensure that the head is very clear, i.e., unblemished by black spots and other imperfections. The body, on the other hand, must be of uniform color and also unblemished. As mentioned earlier, luster of the scales and fins (especially the pectoral fins) is important.

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